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GreenBizz Atrium

Located in the heart of the European capital, Greenbizz is an incubator for sustainable economy.

The high-ceilinged atrium required the placement of customized acoustic absorption panels.
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Train World

The museum showcases the history of Belgian railways.

In order to bring a cozy atmosphere to the train museum in Schaerbeek station, printed acoustic wall panels and suspended panels at various heights were installed.
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Arts 56

On the ground floor of the Arts 56 building, there is a company restaurant.

The architects contacted us for a customized solution of acoustic alcoves and acoustic panels integrating the decoration and lighting.
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Animo Studios

Animo Studios is a multi-sport crossfit and fitness center located in Ixelles.

We insulated the fitness rooms using the "box-in-a-box" solution and managed the acoustic correction of the premises.
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Mito Restaurants

"Milano Torino" restaurants wanted to improve the sound comfort for its customers.

We intervened by installing acoustic panels on the ceiling, respecting the existing decoration and elements, in order to provide greater sound comfort for the clientele of the restaurants "MiTo".
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Jumping Access Studio

Our client wanted to transform an office building into a recording studio. After demolition, we created a recording studio with a sound control room and three separate recording studios.

We managed the design, the construction, the soundproofing, and the acoustic treatment of the premises.
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Uptown Studio

Our client wanted to create a professional recording and mixing studio on the ground floor of a building.

We designed and implemented acoustic insulation, such as a "box within a box" system, and provided acoustic treatment (selective absorption: low frequencies, midrange and high frequencies; diffusion, and acoustic diffraction) for the premises.
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Solutions acoustiques - insonorisation

Nemo 33

Nemo 33 is a diving center located in Brussels whose seminar room was not acoustically adapted for hosting events.

We installed over 40 square meters of sound-absorbing materials to correct the acoustics of the space and provide comfort and well-being to clients.
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Solutions acoustiques - insonorisation

Bon Bon Restaurant

Christophe Hardiquest, chef of the BonBon, a Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant, wanted a quieter and more intimate dining room.

In collaboration with architect Michèle Verhelst, we proposed a custom mix of panels that integrated lighting fixtures.
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Schaerbeek City Hall

The Schaerbeek city hall is a large old building located on Colignon Square in Schaerbeek.

The administrative offices suffered from excessive reverberation, which significantly bothered the municipality employees in their daily tasks.
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Music Town

Music Town is a facility in Uccle that includes a music school, rehearsal studios, a music store, and more.

They entrusted us with the realization of insulation and acoustic correction works.
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Lylo Media Group

Our client, a dubbing and subtitling services supplier, needed soundproof and independent premises for the recording of dubbing.

We created box-in-a-box insulation for each room and handled the acoustic correction of all the premises.
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European Commission Refectory

"The premises of this cafeteria being quite noisy, our client wanted to address this issue and bring comfort and serenity to the customers.

We suspended acoustic panels under the vault of the dining area, while respecting the aesthetics of the place.
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Koezio Paris

Our client Koezio, an indoor team adventure park, needed an acoustic treatment for its reception hall and its dining room in order to make them pleasant and comfortable for its clients.

We intervened to correct the acoustics of the affected rooms by suspending some absorbing acoustic panels from the ceiling and hanging some to the walls.
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Van Bael & Bellis

Van Bael & Bellis is a law firm whose certain meeting rooms were affected by acoustic reverberation, preventing the employees from working in good conditions.

We proposed acoustic absorbing devices, integrating lighting fixtures and audio-visual elements.
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Médecins sans frontières

The Médecins Sans Frontières association needed to upgrade its premises and provide isolation solutions for its employees.

We designed and built small, fully independent rooms so that employees could isolate themselves and concentrate on their tasks.
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Our client, the Institute of Higher Studies in Social Communications (IHECS), wanted to transform a classroom by adding a completely isolated sound booth.

We designed and built an independent booth, "box-in-a-box" type, while also installing absorbent panels to correct the acoustics inside it.
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Ixelles Library

The library wanted to bring more peace and quiet to the premises, and modulate the acoustics of 2 spaces according to their uses.

We designed and produced mobile double-sided acoustic panels, allowing for acoustic separation of spaces and improved comfort for readers.
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Restaurant Colonel

Colonel is a restaurant located in Brussels whose dining room suffered from strong acoustic discomfort due to the high ceilings and large glass walls.

We have produced and installed large acoustic panels in the existing luminaire structures on the ceiling.
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