In short
Client : Mito Restaurants
Activity : Catering
Intervention :
Acoustic treatment
Time : 1 month
Year : 2017-2022



The dining areas of these restaurants suffered from strong acoustic discomfort due to the high ceilings and large glass walls.


Custom-made acoustic absorbing panels were manufactured and installed.


  • Management of the placement of acoustic treatment panels by integrating them into the existing decor
  • Custom manufacturing of panels in various shapes and sizes (triangle, rectangle, and square)
We are very satisfied with choosing Made in Acoustic because they were able to provide personalized solutions to our requests concerning the acoustic correction for our restaurants. The acoustic devices are effective, and the sound comfort has been significantly improved. We are happy to know that the absorbing panels were manufactured less than 10 km away!
Nicolas Auffray
Restaurants MiTo


Implementation of 30 horizontal acoustic panels suspended from ceiling


Restored acoustic comfort for the customers and employees of the restaurants


More than 2000 clients were able to enjoy the new sound environment of the restaurants

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