In short
Client : Jumping Access Studio
Activity : Recording Studio
Intervention :
Acoustic insulation & treatment
Time : 6 months
Year : 2010



Our client wanted to transform an office building into a professional recording and mixing studio. After demolition, we obtained an empty shell and created a professional recording and mixing studio consisting of a control room and 3 separate recording rooms.


  • Complete realization of a control room and 3 recording rooms : floating floors, acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings, supply and installation of acoustic glass panels and acoustic doors.
  • Supply and installation of acoustic panels and bass traps mounted on walls and acoustic suspended ceilings.


  • Complete isolation of the building and each room.
  • Creation of a box-in-a-box for each room.
  • Acoustic treatment of low frequencies using slat panels, and mid and high frequencies using acoustic panels.


More than 1000 hours were required to complete all the work on this studio


Over 500 square meters of soundproofing materials were used during this project


Optimal acoustic comfort for the studio’s clients who can rehearse and record in professional conditions.

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