Acoustic solutions - acoustic treatment

Design and realization
of complete acoustics projects

  • Creation of recording studios, audio-visual production studios, sound engineering & editing rooms etc…
  • Acoustic treatment of living spaces (offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, public spaces)
  • Acoustic insulation of floors, walls, ceilings, and doors for residential properties
  • Acoustic insulation of rooftop equipment noise (chillers, air conditioning units, etc.)
Acoustic solutions - acoustic wall treatment

Manufacturing and/or distribution
of acoustics products

  • Sound insulation products
    • Soundproofing membrane
    • Agglofoam for walls, ceilings, and floors
    • Natural acoustic insulation materials
    • Acoustic screens: metal sandwich panels, wood panels suitable for vegetation
  • Acoustic correction products
    • Melamine foam
    • Pyramid-shaped relief panels: made of polyurethane or melamine
    • Absorbent panels, with textile finish, available in custom or standard sizes
    • Wall coverings
  • Acoustic devices for studios and music venues
    • Schroeder diffusers
    • Convex diffusers
    • Bass traps
    • Slat panels and perforated panels (Helmholtz resonators)
    • Membrane resonators
    • Multi-sided panels that allow for varying acoustic characteristics of a wall (absorption, diffusion, reflection)
    • Mobile panels for modular acoustics
  • Decoupling systems
    • Floating floor systems (using lost formwork and concrete slab or dry screed)
    • Anti-vibration hangers for suspended acoustic ceilings
    • Decoupling materials, sized and cut to measure, for each project
    • Structural decoupling supports for sound reinforcement speakers
Acoustic solutions - measurements

Acoustic measurements and guidance

  • Building measurements: acoustic insulation measurements, reverberation measurements, performance measurements, compliance measurements with standards.
  • Worker noise exposure measurements.
  • Reverberation time measurements.
  • Assistance and drafting of specifications.
  • Consulting missions, prescribing solutions.