In short
Client : Music Town
Activity : Services
Intervention :
Acoustic insulation & treatment
Time : 6 months
Year : 2011



Music Town is a music school that offers a complete experience around music, including the possibility of taking lessons, practicing, and purchasing equipment. Our client needed acoustically independent spaces so that the music rooms could be used simultaneously without disturbance.


  • Complete construction of rehearsal rooms, including floating floors, acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings, and supply and installation of acoustic glass windows and acoustic doors.
  • Supply and installation of mobile acoustic panels (on hinges and slides), suspended from ceilings and mounted on walls.
  • Supply and installation of double-sided sound-absorbing panels on wheels.


  • Economical management of the overall project
  • Reuse of existing elements wherever possible


8 fully autonomous rooms allowing clients to work or rehearse in complete independence.


More than 300 hours of work to complete the entire project


More than 120 square meters of absorbing materials installed

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