In short
Client : Lylo Media Group
Activity : Audiovisual
Intervention :
Acoustic insulation & treatment
Time : 4 months
Year : 2018



Lylo is a supplier of multilingual, multicultural, dubbing and subtitling services to the audiovisual content industry. Our client needed soundproof and independent premises for the recording of dubbing.


– Total acoustic insulation of rooms box-in-a-box type (acoustic partitions, floating floors and acoustic suspended ceilings).
Acoustic treatment of low frequencies, mids and highs.
– Supply and installation of acoustic airlocks and ventilation silencers.
– Painting, installation of carpet tiles and finishing


– Total insulation of each room
– Acoustic correction of low frequencies by slat panels, mediums and highs by acoustic panels.
– Box-in-a-box insulation management for each room.
Made In Acoustic teams have completed a lot of our audiovisual production and dubbing studios in Brussels and Paris. They carried out the complete acoustic insulation of 7 studios, control rooms, and booths and performed acoustic treatment of these spaces. The actors benefit from beautiful studios with perfect acoustics for their recordings! In short, serious work! Thank you!
Denis Portal
Technical Director
Lylo Media Group


7 complete isolated audio recording or control rooms


More than 300 square meters of surface covered with acoustic absorbing materials!


2 sites: Brussels and Paris

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