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Client : Train World
Activité : Museum
Intervention :
Acoustic correction
Durée du chantier : 1 mois
Année : 2015



The museum needed to provide acoustic comfort to its visitors without compromising the overall aesthetic of the affected rooms (vaults, suspended lighting fixtures) due to issues of sound discomfort.


Design, manufacturing, supply, and installation of custom-made horizontal acoustic absorption panels at different heights, as well as printed acoustic wall panels.


  • Precise layout on the ceiling for an aesthetic result (the ceiling being vaulted and already having suspended luminaires)
  • Printing of old posters on the wall panels to blend in with the decor of the premises


Optimal acoustic comfort for visitors in the 2 rooms where the acoustics have been corrected


Aesthetic and harmonious visual rendering in the vaulted room


The printed panels provide a real value to the museum’s atmosphere and decoration while also correcting the acoustics


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