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Client : Animo Studios
Activité : Services
Intervention :
Acoustic insulation & correction
Durée du chantier : 2 mois
Année : 2021



Animo is a high-end multi-studio fitness/crossfit space located in Brussels. Group fitness classes are held in rooms that needed to be isolated and have their acoustics corrected.


– Acoustic insulation of the Spinning and Crossfit rooms
– Reinforced fixation of the pull-up bars
– Acoustic correction of all the rooms


  • To be able to practice a noisy activity (crossfit) in an environment where the neighbors are private residences.
  • Improve the acoustics inside the studios for the comfort of clients.


2 fitness rooms entirely insulated


250 square meters of insulation materials have been used

x dB

Réduction of x dB thanks to the complete insulation of the 2 fitness rooms

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