Our ambition :

To create perfectly controled sound environments and support professional and individual fulfillment.

Since 2010, MIA designs acoustic solutions intended to reduce noise pollution and improve sound environment : from recording studios to working open-spaces, from a movie theater to an institution’s chamber, from a university amphitheater to a dining room, MIA is involved in all our living spaces.

By reducing noise pollution and monitoring sound levels, we don’t just improve comfort or individuals’ productivity : we create environments where people can thrive.

Our solutions help to :

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Protect mental and physical health
  • Limit stress and psychological risks
  • Improve concentration capacity
  • Promote listening, productivity and creativity

While our activity was originally mainly intended for professional clients, recent developments in work conditions (telecommuting, home and flex office, intrapreneurship, co-working, etc.) have led us to expand our expertise and approach.
We are now able to address the challenges of both professionals and individuals.


  • Recording and audiovisual production studios
  • Open-spaces, offices, coworking spaces…
  • Entertainment and leisure spaces
  • Communities and institutions, particularly in education
  • Architects, interior designers, decorators, construction companies
  • Hospitality and restaurant professionals (catering business)


We offer a range of acoustic improvement and noise reduction solutions for your home spaces, whether they are intended for private or professional use (teleworking, home and flex office).

Our solutions

Our design and production office guides you in all your acoustic projects, whether sound insulation plans or acoustic treatment projects. Both technical, design and respectful of the environment, our solutions will integrate perfectly your places of life and work and will bring peace, comfort & serenity.


As the number of clients who have trusted us to advise them or provide an acoustic solution.


Of problems to solve, tailored advice, and concrete solutions.


Our expertise and production capabilities allow us to provide integrated, high-performance, and responsible solutions.

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