In rooms with acoustically reflective surfaces (such as glass, tile, marble, polished concrete, painted plaster, etc.), the observed reverberation time can be significant, often resulting in a perceived unpleasant and noisy sound environment. The installation of acoustic absorption panels is an ideal solution.

By placing acoustic absorption panels in front of reflective surfaces or suspending them (vertically or horizontally), the equivalent absorption area in the room is increased, reducing the reverberation time and creating a more muted and pleasant sound environment.

Their clean aesthetic, range of color choices, and multiple mounting options (wall-mounted, suspended from the ceiling using rods, invisible hooks, tensioned cables or magnets) make them an ideal solution for cases of excessive reverberation, such as:

  • Improving working conditions in offices and commercial spaces
  • Increasing acoustic comfort in restaurants, atriums, and public spaces
  • Acoustic correction in recording and editing studios, vocal booths, home theaters, and more.
Acoustic absorption coefficient diagram

Composition : High-density rockwool within inserted in a self-supporting frame and covered with a soundproof textile cover.
Colors : 60 tints, to choose from a color chart.
Implementation :
Wall-mounted : using invisible hooks
Suspended from ceiling : using invisible hooks, hangers or magnets 
Standard dimensions :
600 x 600 mm
600 x 1200 mm
1200 x 1200 mm
1200 x 2400 mm
Standard thickness:
50 mm
70 mm
Options :
Suspension systems : chains, custom-length cables, transparent nylon hangers, invisible magnets
High-definition digital printing
Double-sided cover
Mounted on wheels
Vertical suspension using cables
Space reserved for direct and indirect lighting (LED strips)
All custom thickness, custom chapes and dimensions : contact us