Acoustics standards in Belgium ?

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In Belgium, and for each region, the legislative framework concerning noise pollution is governed by several texts.

The order of 21/11/2002, regarding the fight against noise pollution

It sets the maximum noise thresholds that should not be exceeded by any audible sound source (installation or noisy activity) in the vicinity of this source. These thresholds are more stringent during the night and in more sensitive areas (bedroom, living room, etc.) and vary according to:

  • The place where the discomfort is perceived (inside or outside, type of room)
  • The time period (day, night, or weekend)
  • The urban planning use of the premises.

The Belgian standard NBN S01-400-1: “Acoustic criteria for dwellings”.

The NBN S01-400-1 standard specifies the requirements that the finished building must meet regarding both airborne and impact noise insulation, as well as the sound levels produced by technical installations and the control of reverberation in certain specific spaces.


Depending on the types of emitting and receiving rooms, the standard defines values for each indicator (standardized acoustic insulation index, insulation index, ambient noise level, etc.). The concept of normal acoustic comfort and superior acoustic comfort is defined.

The ordonnance of July 17, 1997, regarding the fight against noise pollution in urban areas.

It aims to avoid, prevent or reduce in priority the harmful effects, including nuisance, of exposure to noise in the environment. It applies particularly to noise in the environment to which human beings are exposed in built-up areas, public parks, or other quiet places in an urban area, quiet areas in the countryside, near schools, hospitals, as well as other buildings and noise-sensitive areas.

For example, the QUIET.BRUSSELS plan, adopted by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, sets out the strategy and actions that will be taken over several years, in compliance with the “Noise” Ordinance.

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