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The plan to combat and prevent noise and vibrations (QUIET.BRUSSELS plan) aims to reduce the effects of noise on health, provide access to tranquility for everyone, and maintain the attractiveness of the city.

QUIET.BRUSSELS Plan : Action of the Brussels  Region

Adopted by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, it outlines the strategy and actions that will be undertaken over several years, in compliance with the “Noise” Ordinance.

Once a means of communication and an indicator of danger, noise is now an integral part of our society, especially in urban areas. Day and night, Brussels moves, lives, and therefore makes noise! Transport, social and cultural life, economic activities, neighborhood, etc., are all sources of pleasure and exchanges. But alongside the accepted, pleasant sounds that give life all its depth, other excessive sounds represent a real acoustic pollution, an even stronger aggression because they are not desired.

Thus, noise has multiple repercussions in daily life. Noise disturbs, annoys and makes people sick. It particularly disturbs sleep and concentration, as well as increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to the harmful health effects, noise has an impact on urbanization, as tranquility is a significant criterion for the quality of housing, the built environment, and the landscape. It is, therefore, a real societal issue!

Noise is one of the consequences of the dynamism of Brussels, but it must remain compatible with the quality of life of over one million inhabitants. To ensure economic, social, and cultural development that is compatible with a healthy environment, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region adopted the QUIET.BRUSSELS PLAN on 28/02/2019. Its objectives are to reduce the effects of noise on health, enable everyone to have access to calm, and maintain the attractiveness of the city.

If you want to learn more about the acoustic regulations that govern Belgium, you can find the complete article here.

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